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Your laptops are in safe hands with us. Regardless of whether they have been cleaned before or not, all data media undergo the same processes to achieve maximum security heating.

Did you know?
All data deletions are free of charge, provided we are also allowed to continue using the carrier devices.

In general, all processes follow common standards:

The association is since August 2023 according to DIN-66399 certified. The NIST 800-88 standard is not certifiable.

The effective data erasure or destruction procedure depends on various factors:

  • What are the requirements to be fulfilled by the donor?
  • Is a unit/hard disk bootable?
  • What type of hard disk is installed?
  • What is the health status of the hard disk?

Before the data cleaning begins, we take an inventory of all the devices as well as the hard drives. In this way, we ensure at all times that it is clear from which device a hard drive originates and to whom this device originally belonged.

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Certificate of deletion

In each case, a certificate is created after the data has been cleansed, which informs you about the selected deletion procedure, the deletion date and much more information. The following is an example:

In addition to the certificate for the device, a certificate is also issued for each hard disk. This distinguishes our procedure from the standard process of large hardware brokers, who do not identify a hard disk separately and therefore usually cannot provide the corresponding processes. Here is an example as well:

The accompanying certificates are listed on each certificate. This procedure facilitates auditing - especially for companies that are dependent on such documents for compliance reasons.

More questions about the deletion process?

Your equipment is safe in our hands. If you still have any questions, feel free to write to us!

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