Pass on laptops

Who can order laptops?

Laptops can be ordered from us if one is a wLw partner. As a private person, one cannot order a device, as we do not have the necessary resources to check the validity of the orderers.
This relationship between our association and our partners ensures that the laptops are sent to the people who need them.

Triage on the part of wLw


Our most important partners are communities, as they have the most direct contact with the people who need laptops. To date, there are almost 700 congregations working with us. That's almost 1/3 of all congregations.

The green areas are the municipalities that are already partners. Due to our federal system, it is difficult to partner with all cantons, but some cantons have done it, such as Graubünden. If your municipality is not yet with us, let them know.


If a person receives social assistance, he or she must contact the social service of the municipality. Either the municipality is already a partner or can become a partner. Here, too, we ask that the person concerned be informed that they should contact us.

Migration Office

If you have a migration background or are in an ongoing asylum procedure, you have to contact the relevant care centre. We will then see with them how we can help.

Other aid agencies

Here we classify requests that do not receive social assistance or other financial support and do not participate in a work integration programme. We handle these requests via our partner "SOS Observer". In this case, we send the necessary information to submit an application via the foundation.

Processing time

In the case of social services, labour integration offices and migration offices, it depends on whether this office is already a partner with us. If it is already with us, the person should receive a device in a few days to three weeks.

Through SOS Observer, the processing of a request takes between 4-6 weeks. Once the request is submitted, if the review is positive, the foundation will order a laptop directly from us. After the order is placed, it takes between a few days to three weeks.

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