Apply for laptops

We are happy to help!

Laptops can be ordered from our partner organisations. Many social welfare offices, cantonal authorities and aid organisations are already among them.

We have summarised all the information here so that you can easily find out who can order a device for you.

Find the right contact point

Do you receive income support?

Yes (Please click)

In this case, your municipal social welfare office is responsible. You can use the following map to search for your municipality and obtain contact information:

Are you in a migration or asylum process?

Yes (Please click)

Contact your responsible organisation directly. Many cantonal offices and third-party organisations work with us. There is a good chance that a partnership already exists.

As the requirements for obtaining a laptop are very different, we are unfortunately unable to share any further information here. Please contact the relevant office directly.

Do you have little or no money for a laptop?

Yes (Please click)

Then we would be happy to refer you to the overview map of our partner organisations.

Please note that individual organisations have certain requirements - for example, they can only help in certain situations or require additional documents from you. You can find more information on this in the following overview:

Nothing suitable found?

Our small organisation is not yet known everywhere. If, for example, your municipality or a particular organisation is not yet a member, please refer them to us.

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