Our team

Small team - a lot of heart and soul!

Since April 2020, a handful of people have been working to create new prospects from electronic waste. What was just a leisure project a few years ago can now demonstrate a measurable impact for Switzerland; for the environment, society and the economy.

The operational team

Our organisation is run according to the philosophy of "social entrepreneurship". This states that good work must be structured and carried out with appropriate resources in order to survive in the long term. This is why the organisation also employs staff: The so-called operational team.

WMS intern

Amy Sutter

It's exciting to see how quickly our organisation is developing. Even though I'm only doing my internship, I know what I can contribute to our organisation. And that gives me great pleasure.

WMS intern

Silas Kunz

Even though I will (probably) only be able to work for the association for one year, I really enjoy this work. It's great to be able to pursue meaningful activities and get to know the world of work.

WMS intern

Fabio Hopstaken

It is an honour to be able to do my one-year internship in the context of a good cause. The great team creates a good learning atmosphere - and I get to benefit from this every day.

MA Preparation

Tuncay Akar

I have been part of the processing team since August 2022. I can contribute my experience in logistics to the young team very well and am happy to do so.

Processing manager

Tobias Lehmann

I was able to experience for myself what the organisation does for others. As head of processing, I can make sure that many more people can benefit from our work.

Head of IT Operations

Benjamin Brändli

Since August 2020, I have been responsible for ensuring that our IT infrastructure works and enables efficient work. I am proud of the impact we have been able to create so far!

Founder / GL

Tobias Schär

Our organisation is a prime example of how acting is more important than talking. I can help others full-time with wLw: a lifelong dream for me!

Transparency is very important to our organisation. Among other things, we have also organised a final and public Wage transparency.

The history of the organisation

The entire association

As an association, however, the team consists of more than just the employees. Below is a brief overview of the individual bodies.

  • The association
  • The Board of Directors
  • The operational team

Typical for Switzerland

wLw is made up of many members who fight together for one cause. The association's goal is that digitisation should not be an income-dependent privilege, but a fundamental right for everyone in Switzerland.

In addition to effectively refurbishing laptops, wLw also invests heavily in public relations, education and awareness.

The members of the association meet at least once a year for a general meeting, at which bills, budgets, association charges and other points are discussed.

Far more than once, however, they gather at various events where they work energetically and provide information.

Acting with foresight

The board of wLw steers the strategic direction of the association. People are elected to this body who can support the association with their respective expertise.

Currently, the Board of Directors consists of three persons:

  • Christine Mühlebach (Co-President)
  • Dalia Bohn (Co-President)
  • Beat Habegger (Member of the Board)

The Board of Directors meets at regular intervals to discuss strategic issues. This is done in close cooperation with the Executive Board, which provides information on operational matters.

At the front

But the work of the association does not only consist of meetings and assemblies. Every day, a team of several employees and volunteers takes care of refurbishing laptops and sending them all over Switzerland.

The operational team is led by Tobias Schär, who is also the founder of the association. He is responsible for the overall management of the day-to-day operations and thus for ensuring that the staff and volunteers receive/use the tools that enable the most targeted help possible.

Current Statutes

All work of the association is governed by the association's statutes. Below you will find the most recent statutes, which were adopted at the general meeting on 1 April 2023.

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