Our team

This is how we are organised

We've been around since 1 April 2020, and since then we've been able to collect and refurbish laptops for thousands of people.

The team behind it consists of the actual association and its members, our employees and also the volunteers who support us.

The Board of Directors

There are currently three people on the board:

  • Dalia Bohn: Marketing, Co-Presidency
  • Anand Weber: Finance & Compliance, Co-Presidency
  • Mario Böhler: Multilinguality, Member of the board

The Board of Directors is responsible for strategic management and also hires staff as needed, if this is approved by the General Assembly and necessary for the purposes of the Association. The Board works on a purely voluntary basis.

The employees

Currently, four people are employed by the association:

f.l.t.r.: Benjamin, Tobias L., Chris und Tobias S.

All of them do additional voluntary work for the association in addition to the above-mentioned job percentages. All overtime is therefore considered voluntary work. Compensation for overtime is of course possible.

Key information:

  • Wage base: between CHF 5'500 - 6'500.- (brutto, 100%)
  • Working hours: 40h/w
  • Holidays: 5w/y

The employment relationships are subject to a regular employment contract and the associated personnel regulations, as well as the regular contributions for social insurances that are required by regulation.

The contributors

In addition to the board and the employees, many other people contribute to our success. These are the other members of the association, as well as volunteers who help us out in the individual areas. Here is a current selection of the contributors and their respective areas:

Events / Simon Lutz

In order to make our idea and our work known to the general public, I am committed to organising informative events for wLw. We look forward to your visit!

Marketing / Samira Buser

With my writing skills I support the marketing team around Dalia. It gives me great pleasure to communicate our work to the outside world!

Business Development / Koni Nussbaumer

Through my work in the integration of people with difficult access to the world of work, I am used to customer contact with educational institutions and employers. At wLw, I am committed to helping us win new partners.

Competitions / Namier Brander

I have been part of wLw since November 2020. Wherever support is needed, I help out. I can contribute some know-how and also participate in the further development of wLw.

Business Development / Jonas Schmid

My task is to show companies what impact can be achieved with old equipment - and here I can contribute a lot of my own experience. I put my heart and soul into it!

Wanna know more?

You can find a lot more information on our wiki. If you want to find out more about us and our history, you will find a lot of additional information in our Wiki.

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