Working together

We know our trade, but we cannot judge who is poverty-stricken and who is not.

As a partner, you play this important role. Through our service desk, you can order laptops for your clients who would otherwise not be able to afford them.

The following video explains the partnerships with us and has subtitles that can also be translated into other languages.

We are very satisfied!

Great offer for our clients, very easy to work with.

Enthusiastic and grateful!

We are very grateful to wLw that, thanks to the efficient service, we can provide clients in need with ready-to-use laptops very quickly. This way, professional and social integration succeeds much faster.


We are very happy with the whole process and it is also very fast, as well as efficient.

Much appreciated

Many thanks for the quick and uncomplicated processing of our enquiries!

Very satisfied and easy to use

We have only ordered 2 laptops, but we are very satisfied. The application for a laptop is uncomplicated and quick to fill out.

Your association fills a big gap!

Today, it is almost impossible to apply for a job without your own computer; you can't create a CV on your mobile phone. We also think that the idea of sustainability - using new things instead of throwing them away - is important and right. We use your offer very actively. Thank you very much.

Fast and cost-effective

With this offer, we were able to provide our provisionally admitted foreigners and recognised refugees with the emergency support they urgently need for their pre-apprenticeship integration, apprenticeship training and EFZ apprenticeship quickly and inexpensively.

Thanks for everything!

The cooperation with wLw works smoothly and in an exemplary manner. Many thanks for the commitment in favour of social welfare recipients.

Super offer from the association!

Very good service for the clients of the social service, at extremely low overheads. The ordering process is very simple and uncomplicated, the devices are delivered very quickly.

Great offer!

Thank you for your support and good onboarding processes

Important and innovative contribution

Today, IT competences are mandatory - in private as well as in professional life. Therefore, access must also be open to those affected by poverty. wLw makes an important, innovative contribution here.

Exactly as promised!

Very good service; speedy processing of enquiries and prompt deliveries.

Enthusiastic about the initiative!

The association "Wir Lernen weiter" gives people with few financial resources uncomplicated access to laptops. This is especially important in these times of digital acceleration.

We are grateful!

In the accompaniment and support of refugees and people looking for jobs, we have been faced with challenges time and again. But especially for the job search, such a device is absolutely necessary. We are very grateful that Tobias Schär with wLw saw and tackled this challenge at the right time!

Uncomplicated contact

The friendly and uncomplicated contact; the possibility of acquiring laptops for our clients at unique conditions and thus enabling them to participate in education and social life. Not to forget the commitment against our throwaway and consumer society.


The contribution towards expenses

For each laptop purchased, a one-off Contribution towards expenses from CHF 150.- (Circulation partner), resp. CHF 250 (regular partners).

There are no annual or recurring costs as a result of the partnership!

Your advantages

This is included

  • 💻 Ready-to-use laptop with charging cable
  • 🎮 Pre-installed programmes
  • 📝 Clear warranty services
  • 🔨 Free support and instructions

The low procurement costs are only one of the advantages of a partnership. The following is an overview:

  • Fast ordering process

    Suitable laptops can be ordered very quickly via our service desk. The ordering portal is reduced to the essentials, namely the simple ordering of a laptop.

  • No long search for a device

    Many schools today have specific requirements for devices. Such documents can be uploaded to the Service Desk when ordering. We will then deliver something suitable.

  • Free support for clients

    With our WhatsApp support hotline, we can provide simple, low-threshold help - in direct dialogue with the client.


🎁 Laptops are only sent to people living in poverty.

As a partner, you are responsible for ensuring that this is adhered to. There must therefore be a process by which poverty is measured (e.g. payment of economic social assistance or application form with self-declaration). We are happy to help you ensure this.

📜 The laptops belong to the recipients after delivery

Pool equipment cannot be purchased from us. Other, more conventional products must be purchased. It is not possible to order from stock.

🔐 Data protection must be ensured

Not in every case, but always, certain information about the client is necessary, such as school enrolments or addresses. The recipients must be informed in advance about the use of their data. We use this data exclusively for the purpose of negotiating the process.

Become a partner now

The following button will take you to a form where you can obtain the partnership documents.

As soon as we have received the signed partnership agreement, you will receive the registration information for the partner service desk and can order laptops from us.

Did you know?

Over 1,000 municipalities, cantons and other organisations help every day to make digitalisation possible for people with a small budget. Click here for the overview:

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