Circulation partner

Create impact!

Our work is important, but we can't do it alone. As a partner, you can support our work directly by donating old laptops to us - and also benefit from lower cost contributions.


At our school, some of the equipment was taken out of service. We are happy to support the association, which in turn helps us. We can only benefit!

We're happy to help!

Even though we did not know what we were getting into at the beginning, we have been able to benefit a lot from the association in the meantime. We are happy to contribute to making this possible in the future.

Clearly we contribute too!

We have been able to count on the support of the association for many months. Not only can we obtain laptops at a reasonable price, but we also appreciate the professional service of the team. One hand washes the other!

City of Lucerne

In the city of Lucerne, parts of its own administrative organisation were replaced. In this process, the city of Lucerne has given us 40 laptops for our purposes.

City of Basel

The city of Basel has been with us since the end of 2020. Over 300 laptops have already found new owners through Social Services. The city of Basel has so far supported us with over 350 laptops gifted.

Community of Neftenbach

When the Neftenbach school replaced its own IT infrastructure in March 2021, the More than 50 laptops provided for our work. Neftenbach has been one of our partners since the beginning of 2022.

Become a circular community yourself?

All of our partners can become circuit partners.

Your advantages:

  • Secure data deletion (see also Data deletion for more info)
  • Laptop collection
  • Ensure that the work of our association continues
  • Invitation to events of "Wir lernen weiter



  • Once we have received a donation, we will process it. Once the donations have been processed and inventoried, the circular partner status becomes valid.
  • Every six months we look at whether you continue to qualify as a circular partner (reconciliation of purchased and donated equipment).
  • In any case, the devices are checked by us for functionality. If laptops are damaged and/or simply too poor in performance for our processing, they will not be added to the quota.

For municipalities / cantons / AGs / GmbHs:

  • Only laptops from administrative bodies and schools (components of the ICT equipment of public corporations) are counted.
  • Laptop donations that are to be credited must be reported to us.

For foundations / associations and other NPOs:

  • In addition to laptops from our own administration, laptops can also be collected via donation appeals and donated to us.
  • The laptops are to be delivered to us in Merenschwand.
  • Laptop donations that are to be credited must be reported to us.

If your laptops are not to be donated but sold, we are at your disposal. We will be happy to help you find suitable solutions.

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