Contributions to expenses

Version: 1.0
Update: 23.09.2022

Valid from: 01.01.2023

wLw charges a contribution towards expenses for each equipment delivery carried out. The funds are used in accordance with the statutes and to cover the corresponding expenses, such as mailing.

The amount of the expense contribution per device depends on the partner status and the delivery method.

Please use the following information to estimate the prices per unit in advance. The effective contribution towards expenses will be confirmed to you after each order has been placed.

The partners will be invoiced for the contribution towards expenses after dispatch. The invoice must be paid by the partner.

Tip from us: If a contribution towards expenses is desired by the recipient, please obtain this before placing the order so that you do not bear any credit risk.

As soon as a laptop has been sent, the corresponding expense contributions are due. There is no right of refund, as the expenses behind this have already been made. In the event of a device with a defect on delivery, wLw will supply a replacement device free of charge.

For circulation partners

  • Base price: CHF 150.-

Circulation partners are municipalities, cantons and other partner organisations that not only purchase laptops from us, but also donate equipment to us.

By making old laptops available, our circuit partners make an important contribution to making our work possible at all. Without laptop donations, we have to buy equipment, which leads to massively higher expenses on our side.

Further information on the conditions for circuit partners can be found on the following page:

For partner organisations

  • Base price: CHF 250

Partner organisations are all organisations that work with us within the framework of the partnership agreement.

Since normal partner organisations only purchase equipment from us and we therefore have to procure equipment elsewhere (e.g. through purchasing), we charge a larger contribution to expenses than we do for our circular-flow partners.

Generally valid

  • Shipping to private individuals: + CHF 15.-

Our experience shows that many private deliveries require a second shipment to the partner organisation, with wLw having to pay the additional costs thus incurred.

If the order is sent directly to the partners, no further costs are incurred. The shipping method can be specified directly per order and can also be different per order.

  • Windows 10/11: + CHF 0.-

We install Windows 10/11 free of charge for apprentices, pupils and students, for which we require confirmation of training. For all other persons, Zorin OS is installed on the laptops. However, you can also install Windows yourself afterwards.

Calculation examples

Minimum variant

The municipality of Musterhausen (district partner) orders a laptop to itself in order to provide an apprentice with a laptop for vocational school. The delivery is made directly to the municipality.


  • CHF 150.- (Base price circulation partner)

As the delivery is made directly to the municipality and Musterhausen is a recycling partner, she only pays CHF 150.- for this laptop. Windows 10/11 already installed on the device.

Maximum variant

The municipality of Beispielwil (normal partner) orders a laptop for a person seeking employment. The laptop is to be sent directly to the client.


  • CHF 250 (Basic price for normal partner organisations)
  • + CHF 15.- (Delivery directly to private person)
  • Total: CHF 265.-

Since the municipality of Beispielwil is not a circuit partner, the general contribution towards expenses is CHF 250. In addition, the device should be sent to a private person (+ CHF 15.-).

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