Partnerships from 2023

Our work is also evolving: for example, over the past two years we have been constantly looking to improve our own processes and services, as well as effective order processing.

All previous contracts were terminated on 31 December 2022 as we put together a new set of contracts. We have clarified the responsibilities of our partners and our association, redefined the contributions towards expenses and integrated our support services.

The changes at a glance

Circulation partners and expense contributions

We will now reward those partners who not only purchase laptops from us, but also provide us with old stock. These can be devices from administrations, schools or other organisational units. The recycling partners thus supply us with more laptops than are purchased.

These so-called "circular partners" continue to pay the contribution towards costs of CHF 150 per device. As an organisation, you also benefit from free and professional data erasure, which would otherwise tie up a lot of human resources. At the same time, our work is made possible and the environment is protected. 

"Normal" partners now pay a basic contribution towards expenses of CHF 250so that we could also buy a laptop if necessary. The current status can be requested from us at any time.

More information on the circular partnerships can be found on this page: Circulation partner

Further explanations of the expense contributions (incl. examples) can be found on the following page: Contributions to expenses

Standard delivery to partner organisation

In recent months and years, we have noticed that private individuals repeatedly have problems with delivery. In these cases, we had to send the devices to you again. This causes not only personnel costs, but also financial costs.

The laptops will now be sent to a fixed address as standard. If the delivery still has to be made to a private person, the contribution towards costs per device will be increased by CHF 15. This allows us to cover the costs of a second shipment.

Definition of support services

So far, we have excluded support work in the contract. Over the last few months, however, we have Wiki, a WhatsApp hotline and our Contact mailbox is in place. These channels allow our partners and clients to contact us directly if they need help.

Become a partner / renew contract

You can apply for all documents in just a few steps using the following button:

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