Our employees

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We have a lot to work on, develop and organise. That is why we count on a team of employees who ensure that our organisation can continue to operate.

Anyone who does something good should also make this transparent. As a young organisation that relies on donations, we want to play a pioneering role in the Swiss NPO landscape. That is why all our salaries are clearly defined and are also published publicly.

Our employees

Name:Position:monthly salary:Workload:
Tobias SchärManaging DirectorCHF 7'326.-100%
Benjamin BrändliHead of IT OperationsCHF 6'787.-100%
Tobias LehmannProcessing managerCHF 6'050.-100%
Tuncay AkarMA PreparationCHF 5'550.-100%
Angela WilliamsOffice ManagerCHF 4'000.- 80%
Amy SutterWMS intern (until August 24)CHF 1'500.-100%
Fabio HopstakenWMS intern (until August 24)CHF 1'500.-100%
Silas KunzWMS intern (until August 24)CHF 1'500.-100%
Status as at 1 January 2024

The above wages are gross wages. A 13th month's salary is paid pro rata at the end of the year. There are no other bonuses with us, but there are other (non-monetary) benefits.

This is how the salary is made up

  • Employment level

    Defined by the intended role, level of training and previous professional experience in the intended work context. More on this in the salary regulations 🙂

  • Area, personnel and location responsibility

    Depending on the area, the number of subordinates in the company and whether someone is responsible for a location (operation, management), different wage supplements are added here.

  • Number of years of service

    For each completed year at wLw, CHF 100.- more per month. This amount serves as our "cost-of-living adjustment", but is also intended to reward club loyalty.

Individuals in our organisation (namely the management) bear a great deal of responsibility. That is why we have a salary cap. The allowances for years of service are excluded from this cap.

Our salary regulations


Or rather: when did what change? 😎

For reasons of transparency, all salary changes that have occurred since 1 January 2024 are stored here chronologically.

  • 01.01.2024: Changeover to new salary regulations and recruitment of Angela
  • 01.04.2024: Service anniversaries Tobias Schär, Benjamin Brändli, Tobias Lehmann

Why are we doing this at all?

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