Check and categorise laptops

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Every laptop that leaves our workshop is checked at least twice for functionality. It is important to us that we do not distribute frustration, but joy.

After the Data deletion each unit is tested for the first time for its basic functionalities. We test the following features of the device

  • Processor performance
  • Working memory
  • Hard disks
  • Installed licences

With all this information, we can then categorise the device. There are different criteria to fulfil for different requests. Especially for apprentices and students, the requirements are usually very high.

In addition to the basic performance, we also check the following aspects:

  • Check for external damage
  • Periphery
    • Microphone
    • Screen
    • Speakers
    • MousePad

During this step, the surface of the unit is cleaned again. For example, adhesive residues are removed if they are present.

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