Donate laptops

Creating perspectives with old hardware!

Your old laptops can do more than just gather dust. By donating them to us, you not only do something good, but also save on expenses.

  • Secure and traceable data deletion

    Data protection is an important concern for us. Therefore, a clean-up / deletion certificate is created for each device and each hard disk. In order to create a final audit trail, we can also make video recordings of the data destruction. More information can be found in the document "Professional data destruction at wLw".

  • Simple return and collection processes

    For larger quantities of equipment, we are also happy to collect from you. We only need to know how the goods can be collected. In any case, we will make a record with various equipment information, which can be used by you to match the donation with your remaining equipment.

  • Free of charge as a tax-deductible donation in kind

    We are tax-exempt and have developed a concept that allows equipment to be valued as a donation in kind. CHF 120.- will be credited to your donation account for each fully functioning laptop, CHF 60.- for each device with partial defects (e.g. broken batteries or missing hard drives).

In August 2023, we will be certified to DIN standard 66399 in protection class 2. We already destroy data media according to DIN-66399 (H-4, E-3).

Questions? Register donation?

We would be happy to create a big impact for others together with you. Just send us an email and we will get in touch with you.

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