Helping others (2/4): Working Poor

The SOS Observer Team

With the second edition of our blog on our partnerships, we introduce you to the SOS Observer Foundation. For us, it is the testing centre for all people who are affected by poverty but still do not receive any financial support - despite being gainfully employed.

We have been in contact with Beat Handschin for a long time. Through the SOS Observer Foundation, we have been able to bring numerous laptops to places where otherwise no financial help can be given. Time and again, we receive requests that we cannot assess professionally due to this initial situation. We have therefore decided that in future we will handle such requests exclusively through our partnership.

How does it work with the SOS Observer Foundation?

We usually direct applicable requests to a customised application form, which can then be filled out and sent to the foundation. Here, information on the financial situation is given, as well as reasons why a laptop is needed.

After the application has been submitted, it then takes between four to six weeks until the application can be examined. If the application is approved, it only takes a few days until the laptop is delivered via us.

How did it go so far?

We asked Beat Hanschin to answer a few questions about our cooperation so far. Beat Handschin is the main contact person for us at the SOS Observer Foundation.

What makes actually the SOS Observer Foundation ?

The SOS Beobachter Foundation uses donations to support people living in Switzerland who are affected by poverty. The aid is subsidiary. This means that each application is checked to see whether the public sector or a social insurance fund, for example, should pay for something. In addition, the support is earmarked for a specific purpose and is intended to solve or alleviate a need as sustainably as possible. Around 2,500 applications are processed each year.

In what context have you received laptop requests so far?

Such applications are almost always in connection with education or training. Thanks to training or further education, it can be possible for people affected by poverty to get out of poverty in the long term. Today, this is practically no longer possible without a laptop. But even taking care of one's own administrative affairs or looking for a job is practically impossible today without a computer - even more so in the Corona era.

Why are you now working with wLw?

We receive a lot of requests for laptops. Often those seeking help have wrong ideas about the equipment requirements that are necessary for simple applications. For internet, e-mail, etc., simple devices are usually enough.

Because we use the donations entrusted to us as sparingly and sensibly as possible, we have financed inexpensive, purpose-built equipment in most cases. Thanks to wLw, we can use our donations in an even more targeted way and rely on a reliable partner.

How has the cooperation taken place so far?

The cooperation is very good and uncomplicated. We receive a lot of positive feedback from those seeking help, for whom we have arranged a second-hand device through wLw.

What do you hope for from the cooperation in the future?

It is inspiring to work with a newly created organisation that has a sustainable idea to help people affected by poverty. We look forward to mutually benefiting from each other in the future.

We are also very much looking forward to the beautiful stories that we are allowed to create together with the foundation. From our point of view, the partnership so far is an important step to help as quickly as possible where otherwise no help can be given. Thank you for being part of it! 🙂

- Tobias Schär (Founder and President "Wir lernen weiter"))

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