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Learn more about our commitment to all with a migration background

Especially in the migration sector, it is not easy to achieve rapid integration if there is no IT equipment of one's own. In Corona times, many language courses take place virtually - and it is difficult to write texts on a mobile phone. We can already count on some cantons that are working with us to significantly improve the situation for those affected.

The Social Services Asylum of the Canton of Obwalden have been among our partners for several months. They and other partner cantons are aware that a lot of help can already be provided by a simple laptop. We are also helped in this way: With migration authorities at our side, we can professionally check the examination of such requests and also know that the help arrives where it is needed.

How do we work with migration authorities?

If someone sends us a request and states there that he/she is in the migration process, we refer the request directly or contact the relevant migration authority.

Since the persons are already known, an enquiry is then quickly placed via the migration authorities. If there is no partnership yet, this is usually the reason to conclude one with us.

How did it go so far?

We immediately took the opportunity to ask one of our oldest partners. The Cantonal Social Service OW has already requested about 20 devices from us to help people with a migration background, for example, to find a job. Here are some questions we have asked in this context - answered by all the people involved.

What are the Social Services Asyl OW responsible for?

The SDAs are responsible for the economic assistance, care, accommodation and integration of all asylum seekers, temporarily admitted persons and refugees assigned to the canton of Obwalden. The canton is always responsible for economic assistance for asylum seekers, for provisionally admitted persons for 7 years and for refugees for 5 years. After that, the communes are responsible. The canton is responsible for integration issues for all persons for 7 years.

What is the context of laptops here?

We run a class whose students focus on a
The students are prepared for the integration pre-apprenticeship or for the integrative bridge programme.
In doing so, students need the laptop for online mathematics-.
Learning tools, for learning word processing programmes or also for learning how to type on the keyboard, etc. We were allowed to order laptops from wLw for the whole class, which is a relief for everyone
(teachers and students).

Laptop requests also come in from prospective learners who are looking for the
vocational school need a laptop. Learners who are already in an apprenticeship and whose laptops are defective must also be replaced somehow.

Why are you now working with wLw?

Sustainability mindset, fair prices, excellent service and support-worthy offer. We can really benefit from the know-how of professionals.

How has the cooperation taken place so far?

Very accommodating, straightforward and good at communication. Very service-oriented and prompt in handling all tasks.

What do you hope for from the cooperation in the future?

That, even though more and more VAs are using services, the processing continues to function in such a timely and sympathetically personal manner. That our VAs/FLs will be able to cope even better with the educational path they have taken with the help of the laptops and will be successfully integrated into the world of work and learning.

We are very happy to receive such nice feedback. This also shows us that we can achieve a lot with our sustainable commitment, where no support could be offered in any other way. If you know someone who works for a cantonal social service or a migration authority or organisation, please forward this article to them. We will be happy to help! 🙂

- Tobias Schär (Founder and President "Wir lernen weiter"))

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