Helping others (1/4): Partnerships

A functioning network is important (Image: Dalia Bohn)

We are not alone on the road. Our work is supported by strong partners - and we can already count over 150 of them throughout Switzerland. Find out exactly how this works in this mini-series.

How do enquiries come to us?

Persons in need of a laptop can contact our Service Desk. Various details are given here that help us for further allocation. For example, we are interested in whether someone receives social welfare or not - because then there is a very good chance that a laptop can be financed in this way.

After we receive the request, we categorise it. With us, every enquiry falls into one of the three categories:

  • Receiving social assistance
  • Work integration programmes (e.g. RAV)
  • Migration process

This division helps us to approach an appropriate partner for each scenario. The hope is that the partner can assess how necessary the device really is. If the partner subsequently orders a device, we can send the laptop without complications.

What if someone is not yet a partner?

In this case, we are happy to present our partnership opportunity. For example, we also give valuable tips for setting up the corresponding processes - regardless of whether it is a communal social service or a cantonal office. We already have good internal experience with our processes and are happy to help.

The process to become a partner is very simple:

  • Fill in the partnership contract
  • Sign partnership agreement
  • Get started with credentials

We send out corresponding packages for our partners every fortnight. We have had very good experiences with this procedure so far.

Our goal, of course, is to soon have a solution in all Swiss municipalities. At the moment we are still focusing on German-speaking Switzerland. We don't have much experience with French and Italian, but so far we haven't received any requests for cooperation from the other regions of Switzerland.

What's next for the distribution windows?

Unfortunately, we don't know yet - and here we are certainly also bound by the specifications of the Federal Council. At the moment, everything is done by post. Even though we are no longer in direct contact with the people concerned, we know what is made possible with our equipment 🙂

- Tobias Schär, Founder and President "Wir lernen weiter"

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