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It can happen that a device breaks or a device does not function properly during the transport of our packages. According to our Delivery guarantee you and your clients have the right to a functioning device. In this case, you can create a goodwill request.

The following steps are very similar to the actual Order process. We will only address additions here.

1. create a goodwill request

Once you are on the Partner Service Desk, you can select the "Goodwill Request" button here:

Reference (GEM number): This is the order number of the defective unit. We need this number to track what kind of appliance has broken.

Error / Problem: Here you can report the misbehaviour or defect. Please note that you can also attach pictures. If an error message is displayed, make sure that the picture is sharp and the message. The more detailed the description, the faster we can process the request.

The remaining fields are again for delivery purposes.

2. procedure of a goodwill request

As soon as we have received the goodwill request, we will evaluate it. If the problem can be solved in simple steps, we will be happy to contact the corresponding recipient. Otherwise, we will send an appropriate goodwill device.

Procedure goodwill request

As soon as we have sent the package, we will ask you to send the old device back to us. Even if a laptop is broken, we can still make good use of the components inside.

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