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You can place laptop orders via the Partner Service Desk. As soon as we have received the signed partnership agreement, we will send you the corresponding registration information.

If the video is not displayed correctly, you can watch the video directly on "YouTube". To do this, click on the button of the same name in the video area (usually at the bottom right).

1. login on the partner service desk

Here you will find the Partner Service Desk. On this page you must log in with your e-mail address and password. You can choose your own password when you register for the first time: You will receive a link from us for this purpose.

Service Desk login screen

If you have forgotten the password, you can create a new one by clicking on the button "Forgotten password" apply.

2. entering a laptop order

Once you have successfully logged in, you should see a similar screen. To create a request, select the "Order Laptop" button.

The Partner Service Desk of wLw

On the service desk, you could also create goodwill requests and offer references. As a rule, however, you only use the first button. "Order laptops".

3. fill in the form

The Laptop Order Form
Customer identification

Enter the details here which will help you to see who this laptop was ordered for.

As partners, they are obliged to ensure that all laptops also go directly to people experiencing poverty. For example, they are not allowed to equip their own training rooms or to purchase a basic stock of loan equipment.


Use this field to control where the laptop(s) should be sent. There are two options for this:

"Direct to Partner": The units are delivered directly to your location. No further details need to be provided.

"To another place"For example, directly to a private individual. A shipping surcharge of CHF 15.- per unit will be charged for this.

If you have selected "To other location", further address lines will now be displayed, which you can now fill in.

Laptop for apprenticeship or tertiary education 

We offer laptops with Windows 10 for apprentices, students and pupils from the 10th school year. The contribution towards costs remains exactly the same.

You can choose between "yes" and "no". If you want us to send a device with Windows 10, we need an apprenticeship contract or school study confirmation.

We do not offer devices with Windows 10 for primary and secondary school students. However, Windows 10 can be installed on every device we distribute.

Additional information

If there is anything final you would like to tell us, you can use this field to let us know.

After you have submitted the form, the request is recorded in our system. If everything has been entered correctly, you should now see the recorded order. You will be informed about the further order processing by e-mail.

Now click on "Create" to place the order.

4. further processing

Once an order has been placed, you will be able to view the order again.

Overview of a completed order

You will then receive an order confirmation from us within a short time (if everything fits) or we will contact you with further queries.

If you now notice that certain information is incorrect, please let us know immediately. You can do this either directly via this page or by sending us an e-mail (kontakt@wir-lernen-weiter.ch). You can find more information in these instructions under point 6.

5. view the status of orders

To view the status of your orders, you can click on the "EnquiriesClick on "Request". Then select "My requests" or "All requests":

Overview of all orders

The following overview page shows you all tickets that have been created with this user.

Overview of orders placed

If you would like to see more information about a particular order, you can now click on one of them.

If you would like to view information on orders that have already been completed and invoiced, select the option "Closed enquiries" under the item "Open enquiries".

6. record notes on the order

If, for example, delivery problems are detected or a unit has been damaged, you can write to us directly about the relevant enquiry. In point 5 of these instructions, we describe how you can get to a specific enquiry.

As soon as the request screen opens, you can enter a comment directly afterwards. This way we have all the relevant information directly in a message history.

Questions or problems? 
Contact directly kontakt@wir-lernen-weiter.ch.

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