As soon as your organisation is a partner with us, you can order a laptop from us for CHF 150. There are no further costs for this and it does not matter what kind of device is purchased. The following services are included:

  • upgraded and functional laptop (goodwill in case of defects)
  • Operating system and programmes
  • Shipping costs
  • End-user support with instructions, forum and videos

The ordering process

Once we have received an order, it is processed by us. An order goes through different stages:

Status overview of an order

Exam: The initial status according to which a ticket was created. We check the information in this step.

Ready for dispatch: We have checked the request and will complete the dispatch in a few days.

Ready for clearing: This status is reached as soon as the units for a request have been sent. The invoice is then issued according to the agreement and sent by mail.

OffsetThe laptop has been sent and the invoice has been issued. The case is therefore closed.

Queue (only if needed): In case too many requests arrive at once, we have created a queue status. So far, however, we have not had to use it.

You can find out how to enter an order on the following page: Enter order


After processing, we will issue an invoice according to the mutually agreed terms. You will receive this by e-mail and you can tell us where it should be sent. We work with a payment term of 30 days as standard. 

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