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07.11.2023 - Entry into the world of work

The "Wir lernen weiter" association also provides training. Every summer, a selected number of interns from business schools in Central Switzerland are sent on a one-year internship.

Amy, Silas and Fabio have been completing their one-year WMS internship at the "Wir lernen weiter" organisation for three months. Between commercial and marketing activities, they are also learning about the role that self-organisation and planning play in their professional future.

- Written by Amy Sutter

First insights into the world of work

In August 2023, Amy, Silas and Fabio embarked on a new chapter in their lives: the start of their careers. Away from the timetable and into a world about which not much is yet known. It quickly became clear that the difference between the school desk and everyday business life could not be greater.

The start of the internship was characterised by onboarding: I was given my own laptop, learned a lot about the association and how the work is organised and then, after a few days, got straight into my first tasks. The first task was to make a video about laptops with touchscreens and increasing school requirements (a Perennial favourite at the club). This first video already shows that the small group is not lacking in creativity:

Week after week, more and more work was handed over to the trio. But they were never alone at any time. They are always supported by Tobias Schär, who acts as a vocational and practical trainer.

I particularly like marketing planning. I love organising things. A lot of things become easier when they are planned properly.

Amy Sutter, WMS intern at wLw

Accompanied learning

It is also a completely new experience for founder and Managing Director Tobias Schär to work with the trio. So far, one WMS intern has successfully completed his one-year internship at wLw, but with three new faces, the dynamic is completely different.

Of course, I have to set aside more time to look after the interns, but I enjoy watching their progress and supporting them on their journey.

Tobias Schär, Founder and Managing Director

Meaningful work

Amy and Silas recording a video. Much of their content revolves around better demonstrating the work of the organisation behind "Wir lernen weiter".

left: The trainees on the last day of their successfully completed probationary period

Jumping in at the deep end was surprisingly pleasant: wLw attaches great importance to interpersonal communication and a friendly introduction to everyday working life. Tobias took a lot of time to support the interns and familiarise them with the company in a pleasant working environment.

An unusual situation

Waking up on a Monday morning and knowing that you won't be going into a full classroom, won't be greeted by a large social environment and won't be able to relax and complete lessons on your laptop creates an ambivalent feeling. However, the three trainees have got used to it over the last few years, as they had little professional experience.

The first few weeks in the world of work were an extremely unfamiliar situation and it took a while for them to find their place.

We have now left school behind us - and that's a good thing in the meantime. Work requires a different mindset than going to school.

Fabio Hopstaken, intern in ordering and video editing

After a few weeks, they have settled in well. They were trained with a great deal of patience and what was initially a strange situation has now become a familiar working day that they enjoy.

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