17.05.2023 - We train further

As a proud training company, it is very important for us to show the work of our trainees. Matthew Clements is currently in the final stages of his one-year stay with us.

Matthew examines his 6, which he received for his ALS 2 at wLw.

In the summer of 2022, the first WMS intern from WMS Aarau was welcomed to wLw. From that day on, the unassuming Matthew Clements took a path marked by learning moments, great experiences but also lasting impressions.

From pupil to employee

At the time when Matthew's internship began, Tobias Schär did not yet know what the most exciting internship programme would look like - because just in the first few weeks, an employee who would actually have been responsible for Matthew resigned. "Well, it's up to the boss now," Tobias thought to himself.

Having responsibility for training gives me great pleasure. It gives me the opportunity to impart knowledge and values that could not be imparted otherwise.

Tobias Schär, Founder and Managing Director

At the beginning, the daily planning was more chaotic than structured. With the loss of one staff member, there was now a gap in the marketing department that needed to be filled. Fortunately, Matthew was ready to step in. And so, within a short time, with a wLw mobile phone and soon a camera, he began to share the story of wLw on social media.

But apart from marketing work, Matthew was also quickly involved in more business-critical work, such as support. Here, he not only had to learn the importance of clear processes for finding errors, but also show interpersonal skills.

"Happy to help!"

Matthew quickly understood that active listening and solution-oriented approaches often end in kind words.

left: Matthew in a typical work situation

Learning is at the centre

It is easy to think that trainee work is a good way to get a lot of resources with little money. But if you take a training position seriously, you have to invest something.

Sometimes I asked myself whether I was contributing anything valuable at all or whether I was simply wasting time.

Matthew Clements, WMS trainee at wLw

But the reward for clean and steady development is more than evident. Today, Matthew is responsible for the entire content creation of the association; and he will probably work for the association again after his absence due to military service. Planning, filming, editing, publishing: Matthew can now do all these steps independently - and this takes a massive load off the whole team. Works like the following are now almost the order of the day:

What's next?

From August 2023, three new interns will start at wLw. This will not only be a new challenge in terms of organisation, but also in terms of space. That is why an expansion is currently taking place at the association's headquarters. The goal is to be able to accommodate up to eight workstations in the offices at the same time.

I was also able to learn a lot from Matthew. It is wonderful to see how a young person can change so much in such a short time; and the fact that he wants to stay with us even after his internship shows very well that we have probably offered him a good place. I am proud of this young boy!

Tobias Schär to Matthew

Matthew can also be proud: both his papers at the association were graded very well. He achieved a 5-6 in ALS 1 and a straight 6 in ALS 2. He is confident that he will pass the operational part with a good final grade; and Schär is not afraid of this either.

You can help too!

Internships cost a lot of money and without financial support we cannot offer these places. We would be pleased if you would also make a small contribution so that we can continue to train young people at wLw.

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