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18.01.2023 - Who is poor who is not?

Anyone who wants to get a laptop from wLw has to be poor. That sounds harsh. But if everyone in Switzerland could get a device cheaply or even for free, those who depend on it would be disadvantaged.

Tobias Schär and Tobias Lehmann loading parcels

On average, more than 50 laptops are sent from Merenschwand to all of Switzerland every week, and up to 200 in the summer months. The orders are placed via partner organisations that check the neediness of the private individuals.

Request laptop from wLw

In many cases, the first way to get a laptop is via our website. There you will find various forms on our service desk; for example, to donate or apply for a laptop.

In the event that a person needs a laptop, various details have to be placed. For example, we are interested in whether a person receives social welfare benefits or is in the migration/asylum process.

Without a rudimentary categorisation, it would not be possible for us to pass on target-oriented information. Therefore, the answers to these questions are very important for us.

Tobias Schär, Founder and Business Manager

Based on this information, a request can be classified into one of the following three categories:

  • Social welfare client:in
  • Person in the migration/asylum process
  • neither -> working poor

As soon as this categorisation has taken place, the enquirer receives a message that directs him to a corresponding map.

Overview of participating municipalities as of January 2023

Our partners

Our partners are mainly communal, regional and cantonal social services. These help in the areas where people who receive social assistance are affected.

The cantonal migration and asylum offices support us in the areas of integration (e.g. if someone attends a German course or completes an integration apprenticeship).

Foundations and relief organisations help us to also help those people who do not receive social assistance but whose financial resources are otherwise scarce.

All these partners have to follow certain rules and sign a contract. For example, each partner must show a process, including criteria, on how need is quantitatively measured. This is usually easier with public organisations than, for example, with relief organisations and foundations.

No costs are incurred when the contract is signed, but afterwards laptops can be ordered from us. For this purpose, the partners receive special access data to order laptops on a separate service desk.

Advantages for our partners

Barbara Widmer and Doris Egloff interviewed by wLw

An obvious advantage of working with us is the low cost of purchasing a laptop. However, for the contribution towards expenses that we receive per laptop (CHF 150.-/250.-), we also offer a lot:

  • Administrative relief (simple ordering process)
  • Simple process negotiation
  • Clear procurement costs
  • Tested laptop incl. charging cable
  • Delivery and equipment guarantee
  • Pre-installed operating system and programmes
  • Instructions, videos and tools to get started easily
  • Support hotline

Support services in particular are underestimated by many organisations, because time and technical know-how are usually limited. That is why we help in these areas with our expertise, so that our partners have more time to concentrate on the essential social work.

With the concept of circular partners, our partners will benefit even more from 2023 onwards if they donate laptops to us (e.g. from the administration or from schools). They will then only pay CHF 150 per laptop instead of the regular contribution towards costs of CHF 250: professional data cleaning with certificate per device included.

Become a partner?

If your organisation would like to work with us to make a difference for your clients, you will find all the information and contract documents on the following page:

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