It is important to us that joy and not frustration is distributed with our equipment. In addition to our Quality control we therefore give a small guarantee.


In the event of defects or damage affecting delivered laptops, these incidents must be reported to us immediately. Thus, it is easy for us to understand a transport damage (from wLw to the place of use) if this is reported within a few days. After one year, on the other hand, this would no longer be possible.

However, we are very accommodating, also because we want to help. In any case, we will try to offer the best help we can.

We speak guarantees for the following areas:

  • General functionality
  • Operating system
  • Battery
  • Input and output device

General functionality

When a device is delivered by us, you can expect it to be ready to boot and load one of our two operating systems (Zorin OS / Windows 10).

It is possible that the batteries of the delivered laptops are almost empty. In all cases, we recommend charging the devices for at least one hour after receipt.

Operating system

A corresponding operating system is installed on all laptops. For both versions, configuration will be necessary first. Users have to create an initial account, set a password and can then get started.

An overview of the first registration with Zorin OS can be seen here:


During our quality control we also check the performance of the battery. We guarantee a minimum runtime of 30 minutes in normal use on all laptops ordered through us. Within this time, it should be possible to find a power outlet to continue charging the device.

Many of our devices have a much longer runtime. However, since we are dealing with second-hand goods, we are so precise here. Batteries, like mobile phones, are a consumable product.

Replacement batteries are quite affordable for many devices. For example, you can find https://subtel.ch many batteries for about CHF 50-80.

Input and output devices

We guarantee that all input and output devices work on delivery or include appropriate supplementary material. For example, a laptop may not have a camera - and then we simply add a USB camera.

The same applies, for example, to defective loudspeakers and microphones. In this case, there is a headset that is tested separately.

However, such cases are very rare with input and output devices.

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