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13.05.2020 - 100 devices are distributed

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The 100th laptop has just been given away free of charge to those in need. This target was originally planned for the first quarter as a whole, but we don't want to complain at this point 🙂

No news from us for a long time? That's what we thought too - we've hardly had a laptop delivered in a day so far. The first device even went to a new owner just under a month ago. Today, we have already distributed 100 laptops - 104, to be precise. Many of them were delivered directly to families who have no hardware at home or no adequate hardware to enable digital education. 

"Wir lernen weiter" in the media

With this increasing throughput, a few media appearances have already come about. Tobias Schär has already appeared in the Schweizer Illustrierte and the Beobachter in their respective "Courage" columns. The CH Media publishing house (Aargauer / Luzern / Zuger Zeitung) and our regional publisher "Freiämter" have also reported on our project. Tobias Schär was also voted "Head of the Month" for April. A big thank you also goes to the Freiämter team for this award!

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A couple of HP laptops (photo: Dalia Bohn)

We do not yet know where the media journey will lead. What is certain, however, is that every mention in the media generates new requests for donations and help. We are very grateful that we have been given the opportunity to contribute to an article several times now. (Smile)

The first donations arrive

100 devices... that must add up to quite a few donations. And yes, we have seen more laptop models in the past weeks than we could have imagined. But individual donors were also extremely generous. And each identical device means less processing effort and thus a faster turnaround time.

A few days ago, for example, we were informed by the "Helvetia Patria Jeunesse" informed us that we are the recipient of a donation. Not only that, but we also received ten beautiful HP EliteBooks for the project, which are already back in the digital wild. A really great and certainly not self-evident support. Many thanks to the whole Helvetia team! 🙂

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Where will these devices end up? (Photo: Nils Landolt)

In response to many requests for monetary donations, we have now set up a donation account to which anyone can send contributions if, for example, no hardware can be contributed. The amounts collected in this way are then mainly used to pay off the shipping costs, and later for work compensation. This allows "Wir lernen weiter" to operate in the medium to long term and to create a lot of added value. Information about the donation account is available here:

Closing words

We will continue to advocate for those who do not have the opportunities to connect to the digital world themselves. Thank you to everyone who has supported this good cause so far and will continue to do so in the future. It is great to be able to count on you!

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the private individuals who are still waiting for their certificates. Tobias has already reserved a time slot this weekend to catch up on the rest. Due to the large operational rush, the issuance has already been delayed a few weeks - but we were able to help even faster. (Smile)

- Your "Wir lernen weiter" Team

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