13.09.2020 - Internship @wLw

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In the last two weeks, we were allowed to accompany a young worker on his way into the third year of his apprenticeship and also share some insights into our ways of working. For six days, the prospective computer scientist was involved in our processes and was able to experience some things that happen quite differently in other places.

In the first two weeks of September, someone from Winterthur visited us to show them how complex our tasks can also be when laptops are to be set up correctly and in a scaling way. After two weeks, we finally drew the conclusion and ask how the last days were experienced.

How did you come to us in the first place?

As part of my training to become an IT/STEM technician, I visit various work stations to get a better idea of the working world of tomorrow. I came to wLw because my current trainer saw an opportunity to show me an exciting and unique work environment.

What did you learn with us?

In addition to handling the devices, I was allowed to set up a PXE server together with Benjamin in the past few days - and in the process I also noticed that I have a lot to learn again about Linux commands. We did very little with it at school and I was very sure of my skills. But the practical work showed me that practical work is always a little different than theory.

Training at wLw

We don't see ourselves as a training company, but it gave us great pleasure to offer an internship opportunity. It further shows us that conventional companies also trust us. We can well imagine offering more such short practices for interested people in the future. Two weeks offer a good framework: Then it certainly won't be boring and will remain exciting.

- Tobias Schär

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Benjamin at work with our intern

Were there any surprises for you?

I was surprised that the interaction was very collegial. Benjamin was always there to give advice and help - even if I sometimes thought that my questions were certainly annoying. You notice that it's much more about the good cause instead of hard-hitting business. It was a lot of fun and I learned a lot. The six days went by extremely quickly.

What would you like to give us?

Hopefully the motivation will stay for a long time. Before I started the internship here, I was not aware that many people lack hardware. At the distribution event last Thursday, I was convinced that it is an important and right thing to do.

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Benjamin and Tobias during a distribution campaign (Photo: Dalia Bohn)

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