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Since the birth of in April this year, we have been able to create a lot for others who would otherwise be without a laptop in Switzerland. We show you how two associations come together to create new perspectives for others.

The genesis of the partnership

It was a warm day in May when Mehmet Dogan first stood at the front door of wLw founder Tobias. Mehmet and the team were looking for machines for their newly set up learning space in Zurich. Since the start of the project, a number of devices have arrived that are not ideally suited for "normal" end users, so the delivery of several all-in-one devices created a cool opportunity for both sides: On the one hand, devices were passed on for a charitable cause and on the other hand, it is now possible to conceptualise and code at without a laptop.

What makes the special?

The organisation was born out of an idea for a social project. The team around Mehmet invests many hours on a voluntary basis to make IT palatable for interested people; prior knowledge is not necessary. Similar initiatives already exist in Switzerland - but the team around the knows that there are not yet enough offers in our country.

Teaching takes place at different levels: From simple HTML to a complete web app. The progress of the participants is ensured and tested with tasks from the team or from private companies. The team is already celebrating its first successes: recently, one of the participants (with no previous programming knowledge) was given a job at a company. So the team's training has paid off.

wLw and

A few days ago, Mehmet and his colleagues came to visit again. We wanted to take a small photo together, because in the meantime, more than 20 participants of the programme have already been equipped by wLw. We also gave them some equipment to take with them, in case a participant should turn up without any equipment.

We are of course very pleased to be able to work together with another association that is also committed to making digital skills accessible to those who would otherwise not have such an opportunity.

More about the

Visit the website to learn more about them.

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