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13.04.2020 - Helping others and becoming happy in the process

Why actually help others today when you have enough worries about your own future? Tobias Schär on his social commitment with our platform.

It is not natural to focus on others and put your own interests aside in these difficult weeks. This is exactly what should change according to Tobias Schär. He appeals to all those who are allowed to sit at home in good health these days and actually only suffer from so-called "First World Problems".

"Why are you doing this at all - and how is the whole thing actually financed?" - Tobias Schär has often had to deal with these questions in recent days. Not only he himself, but also those around him ask themselves why they have to invest time and energy in something that obviously doesn't help them much. He has a very simple answer: solidarity.

Social Distancing and the Brutal Reality of Digital Primary Care

Social distancing and the associated consequences for his social environment also affect him - for example, he also saw his friends and his long-term girlfriend much less than is usual. But this is actually only the minimum requirement, because this is the duty of every resident of Switzerland. However, often nothing is started with the time thus made available, but rather the worries about relationships falling away. 

In principle, however, this should not be a problem for many of us. Skype, Teams and Discord are just a few tools that enable virtual togetherness - both at work and in private. And when these options are available, many people are actually better off than others who cannot access these applications.

It is almost a taboo subject in the Corona crisis that many people remain unaware of their access to these tools. According to Tobias, this is only the tip of the iceberg. Home schooling is currently on everyone's lips, but do low-income people with the additional burdens of short-time work and/or a complete loss of income still have the capacity to get the appropriate IT equipment? "Wir lernen weiter" does not want this to be a question, but recognises here a grievance in which many more people can help than is assumed. 

You too make a difference for others!

Do I really need to keep my old laptops? Couldn't they add more value somewhere else? We say clearly: Yes, you can! By clearing out the clutter and donating it to charity. 

"Wir lernen weiter" provides needy families with the necessary equipment to have one less thing to worry about in the current times. Education should not become inaccessible just because monetary means dictate it. 

Let us stand up together for those who currently have other worries and let us create perspectives together. Together we can achieve more than alone! 

This is the credo that "Wir lernen weiter" lives by - and with this credo we want to try the best we can to do our part in this crisis. 

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