Open Source in everyday life

We present some programmes that could also be useful for you.

Fed up with licence fees for applications you need every day? In this blog, we present a few of the applications that are installed by default on our wLw laptops. Hopefully there's something for you too.

Open Source as a business model

Open source" refers to software whose source code is public and can be viewed, modified and used by third parties [Source: Wikipedia]. Such open source software is usually completely free of charge.

But how does this work as a business model? Well, many such applications are already being used today without you even noticing - for example, many websites are now being used with WordPress created. Our page was also created with this tool.

We are therefore dependent on the software developers and volunteers who contribute here. Larger companies feel exactly the same way. For example, many server applications are operated with open source. Thus, there is also an inevitable interest in ensuring that these applications are further developed. This can be achieved with simple donations, but also with "arranged" volunteer work.

Various OpenSource programmes

The following open source applications can be installed or are already installed on wLw devices:

Libre Office 6.2: New interface should attract Microsoft Office users ' Dr. Windows
LibreOffice: A mature competitor to MS Office

Is available by default on all devices and is a free alternative to Microsoft Office. With each new version, new functionalities are added and compatibility problems with other applications are solved. Because Microsoft Office is also constantly evolving, this is very important. This ensures that files from Word can also be used in the LibreOffice world.

-> Comparison between LibreOffice and Microsoft Office

  • GIMP (Photo editing)
Gimp 2.10: Major update brings new interface, GEGL engine and more - PC Magazin
GIMP: OpenSource image editing tool

Is available by default on every laptop and a powerful competitor to Adobe Photoshop, with which images can be easily edited, changed and saved.

-> Comparison between GIMP and Adobe Photoshop

OpenShot video editing software | Show screenshots
OpenShot: Free alternative to Adobe Premiere

Can be installed on all wLw laptops. OpenShot is an easy-to-use tool that can be used to merge, edit and mix videos. Our tutorial videos were also made with OpenShot, for example.

-> Comparison between OpenShot, Adobe Premiere and InVideo

OBS Studio Download - Swiss IT Magazine Freeware
OBS Studio: De facto standard among streamers

Can be installed on all wLw laptops. OBS Studio is perfect for simple screen and camera recordings. With this tool, you can also produce a "stream" yourself, for example, or simply record your screen.

-> There's no comparison here, as OBS is actually the standard 🙂

Other open source applications

Do you know of other programmes that can be used freely and bring you added value? Write to us on social media, comment on the relevant posts and let us know. We are happy to share your inputs with others!

Tobias Schär (Founder and Managing Director)

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