We continue to grow!

As already announced in the last blog post, our team has expanded since 1 August. Tobias is still amazed at how quickly the project has grown. So it's all the nicer that he now has a few helping hands. In this blog, we introduce you to the new members of the association.

Dalia Bohn

Dalia Bohn is responsible for marketing (Photo: Tobias Schär)

Since 1 August 2020, Dalia has been contributing to the creation of informative and beautiful posts on our social media channels. Beautiful texts, graphics and hashtags are her world. With her photos, she has been contributing to the availability of appealing visual material since the beginning of the project. Why don't you also have a look at her Website Dalia Bohn Photography over!

Dalia is not only Tobias' girlfriend, but also a very important person in our team with her charming smile and loving nature.

Benjamin Brändli

Benjamin Brändli helps to prepare laptops (Photo: Dalia Bohn)

At the beginning of August 2020, Benjamin offered to help us with his Linux know-how. He is currently the master of the machines and responsible for setting up many devices. With his help, the processing time can be continuously improved and thus help can be provided more and more quickly.

In his spare time, Benjamin enjoys crossbow shooting and is a member of the fire brigade with Tobias. His strong drive and his Linux skills help us every day to carry out the laptop refurbishments even better and faster.

Anand Weber

Anand Weber our compliance guardian (Photo: Dalia Bohn)

Anand has been with us since July 2020. He ensures that we are on the right track from a legal and formal point of view and supports the association in working out attractive solutions in the area of public welfare. As soon as things get formal, Anand is our competent contact person. He is a business informatics specialist, is still studying part-time at the Distance Learning University of Switzerland and is involved in public management.

Anand is currently setting up a paediatric dental practice in Affoltern am Albis with his wife. He has also served on the city council of Opfikon ZH. This has already resulted in many acquaintances with authorities, which can now also be used again.

Robert Hilty

Sorry - something will follow soon 🙂

With Robert, we were able to find a very well-connected and knowledge-heavy fellow campaigner who has already opened many doors for us. However, Robert not only contributes in this area, but also helps to steer the project in the right direction with his experience. In the end, we can all benefit from Robert as a mentor.

No matter where you go with Robert; he always knows someone you know yourself. Robert is well connected, and of course that helps the whole project.

We are still looking for reinforcement!

In this small but fine team, we are thus entering the next round of the project. We are looking forward to helping all those who are looking for help with our deeds.

Take a look at our team page to see if there might be an exciting place for you. Just click on the button below 🙂

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