No joke: we're going to the start today!

With the nationwide discontinuation of conventional schooling, many things have changed - not only for pupils and teachers. Parents are faced with a completely different challenge: Do we even have the technical equipmentWhat is the best way to make so-called "distance learning" possible for our little ones, or to make digital learning possible at all?

Ideally, one already has the corresponding hardware available and thus (in addition to the other limitations imposed by Corona) one less problem on one's hands.

For many, however, the reality is different. Devices are not available and now have to be bought quickly on top of everything else. Besides the Short-time work phenomenon, general heightened nervousness due to the media landscape and other factors an often overwhelming point. Unfortunately, it is a sad reality that one or the other wallet is blown in the process.

However, many of us are actually in a position to help these people who do not have these monetary means. I therefore call on all those who can afford to do so to stand up in solidarity for our economically and/or socially weaker fellow human beings.

Solidarity is the cornerstone of the Swiss Confederation and also its success. These principles must be properly understood and applied in today's situation. Staying at home is the minimum requirement for those who can. But one can easily find many ways to really help others. The prerequisite for this is to become aware of all the other things we have. Despite spatial isolation, many people are much better off than one might think.

Question yourselves critically: Am I really in a bad way? Am I trying my best to support my fellow human beings in this crisis? I asked myself this too and last Friday I made the decision that I can do more. "Wir lernen weiter" is my contribution to positively change individual or some stories.

I hope that I can count on your help.

- Tobias Schär

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I think this is a great idea
I work at the school and there are some kids who don't have a laptop at all. It's just not always possible via smartphone.

Hello Kerstin,

You are welcome to draw the parents' attention to this page or, alternatively, to submit a request for help directly on behalf of the family in need - we are happy to help where help is urgently needed!

Kind regards,
Tobias from WLW

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