Service Desk for partners

On this page you will find instructions on how to create a request on our platform.

Enquiry instruction video

1. login on the service desk

Here you will find the Service Desk. On this page you must log in with your e-mail address and password. The email address corresponds to the details you have received from us.

Service Desk login screen

If the password is no longer available, the "Forgotten password" function can be used. Please note that this may also affect other users if the same mail address is used.

2. create a unit request

View of the current Partner Service Desk

Once you have successfully logged in, you should see a similar screen. To create a request, select the "Order Laptop" button.

3. fill in the form

View current form

Now fill out the form that appears to place an order. The address of the person in need of help can be entered directly in the address fields. The other fields are explained briefly below:

Internal reference: Can be filled, for example, to refer to a dossier or a personal number. This number is then also shown on the invoice.

Telephone number: In case of delivery problems, this becomes necessary.

Laptop for apprenticeship (yes/no): If the request is for an apprentice or someone in tertiary education, we can also supply a device with Windows 10. In this case, please enclose confirmation of the training (e.g. an apprenticeship contract or an addressed letter of invitation).

I wanted to say that: An additional comment can be stored here, for example if there are special requirements for a laptop.

From this point on, the request is recorded in our system. If everything has been entered correctly, you should now see the ticket created.

4. view the status of the requests

View the status of open requests

This button displays all tickets that have ever been created with this account.

Detailed view of the requests

The current status can also be seen here. Depending on the configuration, it is possible that several agents of the same organisation have more tickets here than have been entered.

Ticket status

Status overview

Exam: The initial status according to which a ticket was created. We check the information in this step.

Ready for dispatch: We have checked the request and will complete the dispatch in a few days.

Ready for clearing: This status is reached as soon as the units for a request have been sent. The invoice is then issued according to the agreement and sent by mail.

OffsetThe laptop has been shipped and the invoice has been paid. The case is therefore closed.

QueueIf too many requests arrive at once, we have created a queue status. So far, however, we have not had to use it.

5. record notes on the enquiry

For example, if delivery problems are detected or a unit has been damaged, you can write to us directly via the relevant enquiry.

1. navigate to the service desk
2. select "Requests" (-> "My requests")

View of the Service Desk

3. select the appropriate request

Request overview (example)

As soon as the request screen opens, you can enter a comment directly afterwards. This way we have all the relevant information directly in a message history.

6. invoicing

We can issue the invoice per order or per quarter.

On our invoices you will find the following information per item:

  • WLW reference number ("GEM-XXX")
  • Internal reference, if given (e.g. "Person XYZ")
  • Creator
  • Shipping date
  • Device model
  • Delivery address

If you would like to change the billing method or have any questions about invoicing, please send us a short e-mail.

Problems, Questions and/or suggestions for improvement?

Please use the "Give feedback" button on our Service Desk or call +41 79 683 37 44 directly.

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