Collection campaign

On this page you will find all information about the collection campaign in your company. If you have any questions and/or are unclear about anything, please contact the person responsible at your location directly 🙂

Capture donation

As soon as you have handed in your old laptop, it will be securely stored by your company and then handed over to us. Afterwards, all data will be deleted by us and a corresponding deletion certificate will be issued for you. We will then see to it that new perspectives can be created with your device 🙂

In order to receive this certificate of deletion, you must first register your laptop donation with us. If you would like to donate several laptops, you only need to register once. Please follow the instructions below.

  1. Click on the button "Donate / Request Laptop" click
  2. "Select "Donate Laptop
  3. Enter all details such as first & last name, unit type etc.
  4. Important for optional: Specification of your company

You should then receive a confirmation from us directly by e-mail with a WLW number (WLW-xxxxx).

For the laptop levy

Make sure that this WLW number is attached to your device before you hand it in. We can then assign your laptop to your donation ticket.

ATTENTIONIf we do not have the number, we will no longer be able to trace the origin of a device. Accordingly, we cannot issue a certificate.


What are the requirements for the laptops?
The laptops must meet the following requirements:

- launchable
- Functioning displays (no cracks or broken corners)
- Maximum 10 years old (we do not require a purchase receipt or similar).
- Keyboard complete

If you are not sure how old your laptop really is, you can still donate it to us. We may be able to remove certain parts and reuse them.
How do the laptops have to be prepared?
There are no conditions for this. It doesn't matter if you remember the password or not. As soon as we receive the laptop, all contents will be wiped clean. Afterwards, we will reprocess the laptops.

ImportantIf you have a BIOS/UEFI password installed on your unit, it is mandatory to remove it - otherwise we cannot use the unit. If you don't know what this is, you probably won't have one 🙂
Will I receive a certificate of deletion?
Provided you have registered the laptop correctly (see instructions above), we will send you a certificate of deletion by email.
The charging cable is missing. Can I still donate the laptop?
Yes, that's no problem. We are sure to find a suitable charging cable in our warehouse 🙂
I still have a mouse, laptop bag or docking station that I no longer need. Can I also donate these?
We are happy to accept mice and docking stations, but unfortunately we do not accept laptop bags for hygiene reasons.
My laptop has battery problems. Can you still use it?
The batteries are checked by us in every case. If we discover a problem, we will replace the battery ourselves. It is therefore no problem to donate a laptop that has battery problems.
Can all laptop brands be donated?
Yes, provided the above requirements are met.
Can you use laptops where the fingerprint scanner or touchpad no longer works?
We can also use such laptops. If something does not work, we will replace these parts or provide suitable additional equipment.

Enjoy with a clear conscience!

Through your donation, we hope to make many things possible in other places in Switzerland. We thank you for your commitment to making Switzerland more digital for everyone!

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