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Create prospects!

For many, an old laptop equals electronic waste. But in other places in Switzerland, it enables participation in everyday life: for example, in education or when applying for a job.

We only know what we can't do without a computer when something is missing. Make a difference and do something good for the environment, society and our economy with your old device!


  1. Record your donation on our Service Desk;
  2. Send us the donation
  3. Get your erasure certificate.

Record donation

On our Service Desk you can enter a donation of equipment. Our minimum requirements are modest. If you donate a single laptop, we look at the following criteria:

The laptops are to:

  • be bootable;
  • have no display damage;
  • have at least 4GB of RAM.
  • have a working battery

The installed operating system and the manufacturer do not matter. We are happy to check the suitability of older devices individually. In any case, you will receive feedback from us as to whether we can use your device or not.

If you have several devices to donate, it is sufficient to fill out the form once. However, please still let us know which models you are donating 🙂

PS: If you are part of a company that would like to donate a laptop to us, you can find more information here -> Donate as a business

Donation handover

If your donation is suitable, you will receive further information from us on how to make your donation.

Your laptop will always find its way to us in one of the following three ways:

  • Delivery on site in Merenschwand
  • Mailing

Donation certificate

After we have received and processed your laptop, we will contact you again. You will receive a certificate of donation and deletion from us.

Data protection is an important concern for us. Therefore, all devices that are donated to us are deleted regardless of their condition. If a device does not work, the data carriers are removed and deleted or destroyed on other devices.

You can also find more information on the following page: Data deletion

Register a laptop donation now

If you want to make a difference for others right now, go to our service desk here:

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