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Articles of Association

The basis

wLw is an association and our association follows clear purposes. All activities, funds received and other resources are to be used for these purposes.

On this page you will find all our statutes and information on why things have been changed.

Current Statutes

The purpose of the association has not changed fundamentally, but has been clarified to include, for example, the wLw Academy to make possible.

Approved at the General Meeting of 01.04.2023.

Previous versions

3. version of the statutes of the association

This amendment to the statutes simply stated that the registered office of the association was in Merenschwand - previously it was the registered office of the president. As Tobias Schär took over the role as Executive Director on 1 April 2023 and thus left the Board, the legal seat would have been unclear.

Approved at the General Assembly of 24.03.2021.

2nd Association Statutes Version

The statutes were embellished. With this version of the statutes, wLw received a much more clearly specified purpose of the association.

Approved at the General Meeting of 29.07.2020.

Founding statutes

These are the first statutes of the association. They were expedient and made it possible to work quickly 🙂

Were created in order to found the association.

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