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Secure data carrier cleaning is very important to us. To ensure this, we need the appropriate equipment. After much research, we decided to purchase two shredders that are suitable for security class 2 of the DIN-66399 standard.

You can find out more about our data destruction processes on the following page: Data deletion


This project is a supplementary financing. We have already incurred the following costs.

📮 KOSTAL KS-165MSProcure in August 2022CHF 9'585.30
📮 KOSTAL KS-13120HDProcure in March 2023CHF 15,539.20
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The two KOSTAL machines are a perfect compromise between effort and return. The shredders have also been able to prove themselves in recent months and make our work massively easier.

This is made possible

With the KOSTAL KS-165MS we can destroy electronic data storage devices such as SSDs up to the size of 2.5″ in the long term. Here, the hard drives are cut into 4x15mm small snippets (DIN-66399, E-3).

With the KOSTAL KS-13120HD we can also do this for HDDs. Here, the hard disks are cut into 40x15mm small snippets.

These two machines are a key part of achieving the DIN-66399 standard, to which we aim to be certified in August 2023. This in turn will enable us to receive more laptops from companies and administrations.

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