Can be self-sustaining

Our fixed costs

Like every association and every company, we also have fixed monthly costs. These are currently compiled as follows:

PositionCosts/m in CHF
TOTALCHF 1700.-/m

0These expenses are presented here in a simplified manner and are intended to present a simple understanding of our expenses.

Personnel costs

For simplicity, we measure a 100% position across all staff at a total of CHF 6,000 per month. This refers to the gross personnel costs. The actual salary is based on the salary bands. The currently employed persons (with their degree of employment) can be viewed here: Employment relationships


In order to show our fixed and variable costs as simply as possible, the following graph shows the break-evens with the respective distributed devices per month. This is the point at which we can become self-sustaining:

Figure 1 - Break-even table

  • horizontal axis: Number of laptops distributed per month
  • vertical axis: Employment percentage with CHF 6'000.- / 100% / m
  • FieldsPlus/minus amounts per month

All amounts that we generate are earmarked. This means that they may only be used for our association's purposes. A positive financial result allows us, for example, to hire more staff in order to gain more planning security. Losses are also cushioned by the association's assets.

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