General Assembly 2023

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The MV 2023 was held on 1 April 2023 at the Postlonzi House in Merenschwand.

The complete agenda and documents can be found on this page: MA from 1 April 2023

This page briefly summarises everything that was decided at the AGM 2023. The full minutes can be found below.

This was up for discussion

  • Admission of new members
  • Resignations and elections to the Executive Board
  • Amendments to the Articles of Association
  • Acceptance of the 2022 invoice and the 2024 budget


  • 16 new members are admitted.
  • Anand & Mario resigned from the Board.
  • Beat Habegger becomes a new member of the Board.
  • Dalia and Chris form the new Co-Presidency.
  • The new statutes of the association are adopted unanimously.
  • The accounts 22 and the budget 24 were adopted unanimously.


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