Hardening (safety)

Project description

Laptop donations must be protected against theft and theft. So that this can also be ensured, so-called hardening measures are implemented. These can be structural measures or security installations.

The new processing site in Merenschwand is equipped with an alarm system, access system, security cage and a sensor network of cameras and motion detectors.


This project is a supplementary financing. We have already incurred the following costs.

Alarm system (installation)Procure in March 2023CHF 1'992.45
Grid system Multi-SafeProcure in March 2023CHF 5'989.95
Badge systemProcure in April 2023CHF 3'625.20
Installation safety compoundEstimated workload wLwCHF 2'800.00
(80h à CHF 35.-)
Cost breakdown donation project

While the alarm system, the grid system and the badge system were installed by corresponding specialists, the complete security network (camera monitoring incl. technical setup) was taken over by wLw. For example, expenses were incurred for the development of a backup strategy and storage concept - on appropriate machines, of course.

This is made possible

Preventive rather than reactive: that is our motto. The installed systems give us a lot of security. A burglary or theft cannot be completely guaranteed, but a minimum of security can.

This hardening also enables us to fulfil other aspects of the DIN-66399 standard. For example, it is necessary to protect undeleted laptops separately and from access. With this installation, further security criteria are added to the existing system.

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