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Even though we are an association, it is run entrepreneurially for a good cause. The working environment at wLw is dynamic, diverse and exciting for young workers. For these reasons, too, we have been able to take on several interns since 2022.

There are two types of practices at wLw, each lasting one year:

WMS Internship: In cooperation with the WMS Aarau and Baden, we offer young commercial school graduates the opportunity to spend the last year of their training in an internship company. This internship is a prerequisite for the Federal Certificate of Proficiency for graduates of business schools.

Professional internship: Suitable for young workers who have neither formal training nor work experience. The aim is that experience can be gained in the respective field and day structures can be created.


This project is a pre-financing. The following shows the costs from August 2023 until the end of July 2024.

At the end of the corresponding period, a public project completion report is written, which provides information on the final costs and any cross-financing or further use of the remaining funds.

WMS internshipGross salary: CHF 1'500.- x 13 (100%)CHF 19'500.-
WMS internshipGross salary: CHF 1'500.- x 13 (100%)CHF 19'500.-
WMS internshipGross salary: CHF 1'500.- x 13 (100%)CHF 19'500.-
Professional internshipGross salary: CHF 1'500.- x 13 (60%)CHF 19'500.-
ÜK costs WMS3x approx. CHF 1'500.-CHF 4'500
Cost breakdown donation project

From August 2023, we will have three WMS trainees and one professional trainee. The WMS trainees are employed at 100%, as this is also prescribed.

We set a maximum workload of 60% for the vocational trainees, as an orderly daily structure cannot happen from 0 to 100. In addition, we accompany the trainees in acquiring the relevant expertise in their free time, where necessary.

This is made possible

With limited resources, the training of young people is not self-supporting. In many cases, trainees are deployed in different areas, which makes it difficult to cover the costs of a traineeship.

But it also gives us a lot of pleasure to show our working methods and also the growth of our young association. We are sure that the approaches of "social entrepreneurship" cannot be demonstrated better. We are a prime example of how circular economies can be built and expanded - and we are happy to offer young people the opportunity to see and participate in this as well.

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