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Project description

With a growing team, more space is also needed. As a modern employer, we also offer a lot of home office space, but in order to continue to look professional, our work space needs to be expanded.

The administrative heart of wLw is located in the rectory in Merenschwand. The management as well as the finance and marketing departments are located here. The space is occupied by means of a sublease to the Catholic Church.

An area of about 90 square metres is available, but in its current state only 15 square metres are suitable as office space. With a lot of passion, but also material and manual work, the area is to be prepared so that more office space, a video recording studio and an area for low-threshold IT support can be accommodated. Originally, these were screed compartments.


This project is a pre-financing. The estimated costs for the entire conversion are shown below.

At the end of the corresponding period, a public project completion report is written, which provides information on the final costs and any cross-financing or further use of the remaining funds.

It is not yet clear to what extent the landlord could assume the costs. Currently, costs already incurred are borne by wLw. However, the final account will show all this.

📮 Floor structure Levelling and Fermacell CHF 6'325.-
📮 Wall constructionOSB boards, slatted frameCHF 10'857.-
📮 Ceiling constructionOSB boards, slatted frameCHF 8'103.-
📮 SmallerAdaptations to door etc.CHF 472.-
📮 Electrical installationNew move in linesCHF 6'342.-
CarpetCutting, laying, etc.CHF 5'500
FurnitureStanding desks, cupboards etc.CHF 2'500
Cost breakdown donation project

The construction project is divided into different stages:

  • Installation floor (✅)
  • Mounting electrical installation (✅)
  • Mounting ceiling and side panels (✅)
  • Painting the ceiling and side panelling (✅)
  • Carpet pull-in (🔧)

The goal is for the new space to be ready for occupancy by August 2023. The corresponding conversion work has been underway since the beginning of 2023.

This is made possible

Currently, four wLw employees work in a small room of just under 15 square metres. From August 2023, three interns will be working with us and the current space is not enough. In order to be able to work well, an adequate working space is necessary.

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