Work organisation

Our association also employs people in regular employment. On this page you will find a general overview - and further linked information 🙂

Operational organisation

In order to carry out our work efficiently, we carry out our work in individual departments:


Manages the operational business and is thus responsible for the "daily business".

The management is also responsible for our business development.

Management: Tobias Schär

IT Operations

Responsible for the entire IT infrastructure at our locations and its maintenance.

In addition, IT Operations is responsible for the further development of the interfaces between our platforms and the deployed environments.

Management: Benjamin Brändli

Processing and logistics

Responsible for the packing and shipping of all orders.

Is additionally tasked with carrying out the final quality inspection before dispatch.

Management: Tobias Lehmann


Controls and directs the marketing activities on our channels.

Is also responsible for promotional material, events and other things.

Management: Chris Züger

All our employees

Would you like to know more about us? Here you can find an overview of all our employees:

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