Installing Windows 10

On this page you will find a detailed procedure on how to install Windows 10 on your wLw laptop.

Important info

We do not generally provide support for Windows 10. If you experience problems after installation, you will need to seek appropriate help from the internet or other professionals.


  • Internet access
  • USB stick (at least 8 GB in size)


Here is a video that summarises the whole process:

Install Windows 10

1. start the Windows 10 installation wizard

Search for "Windows 10" on your PC and start the application. If you do not have the programme, you can download the installation programme here:

2. follow the instructions in the wizard

The installation wizard should guide you cleanly. Make absolutely sure that you have saved all data somewhere where you can use it again later. For example:

  • Another USB stick
  • Google Drive
  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • External hard disk

3. installation of Windows 10

ATTENTIONAs soon as you start the installation, all data on the laptop will be lost - including the previous operating system. Make sure that you have saved all important files somewhere (see point 2 of these instructions).

The Windows 10 installer should provide you with all the important information so that you can now continue on your own.

4. after the installation

Once Windows 10 has been installed, you will now need to purchase a Windows 10 licence in most cases. At you can find discounted Windows 10 licences.

For example, if you have problems with the camera or other devices, search the Internet for "XY camera driver". Here you also have to replace XY with your device model.

ATTENTIONMake sure you only download drivers from the manufacturer's website. There are many sites that install malicious software if you download a driver from them.

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