Information on devices

On this page, we provide all the essential information about the devices that we process.


We exclusively process laptops that we receive from private donors and companies. The devices are on average between two to eight years old and can be started and used directly. All of these laptops are tested by us for functionality. More information on this can be found under "Warranty".

Operating system

Zorin OS is installed on the devices by default. This operating system is very similar to Windows 10 and can be learned quickly after a few minutes. We also include a manual with each laptop.

Windows can of course also be installed on the laptops afterwards. Instructions for this are available to the users.

Laptops with Windows 10

For apprentices and students in tertiary education, we also offer laptops with Windows 10 for the same price (as long as in stock). For such requests, please enclose a confirmation of the training or its commencement.

Installed software

Laptop with Zorin OS

In addition to the operating system, the following programmes are installed on each unit:

  • Mozilla Thunderbird (for mails)
  • Mozilla Firefox (for Internet)
  • ONLYOFFICE (Microsoft Office replacement)
  • Skype
  • Zoom
  • MS Teams

Zorin OS also has many additional programmes. Since these are very extensive, we will not list them here in detail.

If, for example, Microsoft Office is to be used, this can be accessed on Zorin OS via the Internet or optionally using the MS Teams app. Microsoft Office cannot be installed on Zorin OS without further ado. However, ONLYOFFICE is a good and free alternative with the same functions. Documents from ONLYOFFICE and Microsoft Office can be exchanged and edited without any problems.

Laptops with Windows 10

Laptops equipped with Windows 10 are delivered without pre-installed software. This means that each client can decide for themselves which programmes are to be used. For this reason, we do not include any instructions with such devices.

Special requirements for equipment

We are happy to accept explicit requests, but must check the specified requirements in each case. Please indicate in each case if special requests would be necessary for a unit.


In addition to already cleanly set up devices, we offer further assistance. Click here for an overview:


We guarantee that the units start and have been tested for functionality according to the list below. Should a device break during transport (e.g. screen broken), we will provide a replacement free of charge.

Our control includes the following points:

  • Screen
  • Keyboard /MousePad / Touchscreen (if available)
  • Speakers
  • Microphone
  • Camera
  • Battery

Regarding the batteries, it should be noted that we check whether a unit can manage for a short time (approx. 30min) without a power cable. As a rule, the battery life is much longer. If a battery does not work after all, end users must arrange for an appropriate replacement themselves. A replacement battery usually costs between CHF 30-50.

After a unit has been put into operation, we are unable to offer any guarantee. On the one hand, this has to do with the fact that these are second-hand devices and, on the other hand, we have no influence on the use and handling after delivery.

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