Chris Züger

Hi, I'm Chris. Marketing man and photographer. I finally ended up at wLw via many detours. After my time at the bank and in various marketing positions, the vision of wLw and "Purpose" (as Tobias would put it so nicely) caught me.

Coincidentally, I came across wLw at the right moment when they were looking for someone for marketing. Today I am responsible for bringing the vision and mission of wLw out into the world!

Why do I work for wlw?

One big reason why I decided to put my energy into an NPO is the unseen need here in Switzerland. We often see the hardships and horrors in other countries and completely forget that there are also people in need among us. Poverty in Switzerland is still a taboo subject and it is often not obvious to people that they cannot afford everyday things.

With a laptop, we are giving those affected by poverty in Switzerland a new perspective. And who knows, maybe we will enable a future Einstein to develop his full potential and abilities in this way.

What is my motto?

Be kind.

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