19.07.2022 - 5,000 laptops distributed

After almost 2.5 years of activity, the association was able to distribute the 5,000th laptop for a poverty-stricken apprentice on 18 July 2022. But the work is...

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How to become a partner

Partner onboarding is very simple with us. Here's how it works: You find out what we have to offer; you apply to us for the documents;...


General In the event of defects or damage affecting delivered laptops, these incidents must be reported to us immediately. This makes it easy for us to report any transport damage (from...

Quality control

Components After a device has been registered in our system, the following parts of a laptop are checked: Processor Memory Hard disk Battery performance Input and output devices Processor (CPU)...

Laptop types

Differences between laptops Laptop models differ not only on the basis of performance and price. For example, we also look at whether a laptop with a...

Contributions to expenses

wLw charges a contribution towards expenses for each equipment delivery carried out. The funds are used in accordance with the statutes and to cover the corresponding expenses incurred, such as postage. The amount...

Articles of Association

below are the statutes of the association: Articles of Association as of 24.03.2021

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