Digital overload

Nowadays, digital skills are getting more and more value in the world of work. According to the SRF contribution from October 2022 however, a quarter of people living in Switzerland do not have the necessary skills to cover these basic IT competences.
We want to change that.

Our mission

With the Academy, we are creating a learning platform that makes it possible to complete free e-learning courses on the basic skills of digitalisation and to apply and test the newly acquired knowledge in various ways. It is important to us that every person living in Switzerland has access to the digital world and also the opportunity to find their way around it.

What makes our Academy unique?

Learn where you feel comfortable and have time. With the eLearning platform, all you need is a digital device and internet access.
You can access our eLearning platform with your laptop, mobile phone, tablet or PC through the browser and continue where you left off.
Free of charge
The Academy should always be free of charge for the learner. It is important to us that digitalisation should not be a privilege but a basic right for all.
Nowadays it is important to remain flexible. We know this too and therefore offer learning content that can be started, paused and ended at any time. Furthermore, the learning content can be accessed again at a later point in time.
Through an interactive learning setting, learners acquire new knowledge in a varied way and thus remain motivated and activated. Because if you enjoy learning, the newly acquired knowledge will stay with you longer.
After completing the units, a test can be taken to check what has been learned. After successful completion, each learner receives a certificate for this section of the Academy, which can be attached to job applications.

Brief insight into eLearning

But this insight is not all. The varied offer of interactions, games, videos, audio files, puzzles, quizzes, learning checks, animations, pictures and 3D objects provides the learner with a setting that is motivating and entertaining and leads to the desired learning success.
Because we are sure: those who learn while having fun will enjoy the digital world in the long term.

Next steps

The Academy will enter the test phase at the beginning of 2023 and is expected to make the first eLearnings publicly available in the first semester of 2023.
In the meantime, we are looking for suitable contact points that are willing to test the Academy pilot and provide feedback.

Support the Academy

In order to make the Academy feasible, we are dependent on help. With a donation, you help to support Switzerland digitally.

Do you have further questions about the Academy or would you like to support us with the project? We look forward to hearing from you.

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